Local or Long Distance!
Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, we have got you covered. We’re a licensed moving company in New Jersey that can handle moves within New Jersey and the Tri-state Area, as well as long distance moves to any location in the United States. Hazel Moving offers hourly rates for local moves, and we are also happy to provide a fixed price for your long distance move. Our pricing is based on the list of items you have, so there are no surprises based on factors like size or weight. This gives our customers complete control over the price and eliminates any unexpected costs.

PACKING and Wrapping

In every quote, Hazel Moving includes the price for packing and wrapping all furniture, mirrors, pictures, lamps, and large electronics like flat screen TVs. These items should always be prepared by professional movers because they require expertise and special packing materials for safe transportation.


We wrap every wooden or easily scratched piece of furniture with blankets and secure it with tape. For furniture with glass, we wrap it with blankets and cover it with cardboard for added protection.


Hazel Moving divides moving services into two categories: breakable items and non-breakable items.

Breakable Items:
When we talk about breakable items, we mean items that need to be individually packed with specialty materials before putting them in moving boxes. We use tissue paper, multi-layered paper, and bubble wrap to securely pack delicate items such as China, Dishes, Glassware, Collectibles, and more. For the best results, we strongly recommend that professional movers handle the packing of these items.

Non-breakable items:

Here we’re talking about all your belongings that don’t need any preparation before putting them in the moving box. These items include your sheets, books, clothes, bathroom supplies, stuff from the garage, basement, shed, attic, and more. Hazel Moving can put the unbreakable items in the boxes, or homeowners can do it themselves. It really depends on how much time is available before moving day and how many items there are. On average, homeowners can pack 6-10 boxes per day. At Hazel Moving, the customer decides how much they want to pack and how involved they want to be, and we take care of the rest.


In every quote, Hazel Moving includes the price for delivering all items to the new residence, removing packing materials from all furniture, reassembling and placing in the proper location, as well as placing all moving cartons in the proper room. Customers will then unpack all of their cartons. Hazel Moving offers unpacking of moving cartons at an additional cost which can be provided as an all in cost for complete unpacking of all cartons or a by-the-hour cost for help unpacking the bulk of the cartons to make the process easier. Hazel Moving will discard all cartons we unpack at no additional cost to the customer. Unpacking of cartons includes placing the contents on any horizontal surface, i.e. tables, counters, or the floor. Content of wardrobes will be put in closets.

Nowadays, completing a moving seems impossible without hiring the reliable and trustworthy moving company. And when in need of moving services, Hazel Moving are the movers you want to contact! Your relocation is a serious and demanding event and deserves the best moving services provider out there. So take no chances and hire the best movers – give yourself a chance to experience moving with ease.